Meat Rabbits, What I've learned.

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Meat Rabbits, What I've learned.

Post by jjstyle on Thu Feb 15, 2018 12:06 pm

Hey everyone!

So I have been experimenting with rabbits for about a year now. My vision and goal has been to raise them in a natural way and environment.
What I did was I build several 4'x2' hutches and set up large pens on grass and moved the rabbits as needed to keep them on fresh grass.
I fed them with redmills commercial rabbit pellets, plenty of fresh water.
The we fed hay and fresh veg from our garden.

I had no issues with them burrowing to escape as they we content with the big pen and were fine as long as they had fresh grass.
I had no issues with disease or infections, predators, none of that was an issue.

What I have painfully learned is that some of the rabbits that I bought did not do well under these conditions.
from my best guess is that they have been bred and house in such a way that they had little to no immune system.
I did notice that as the baby's were born and kept in this set up the adapted just fine.
I lost 6 rabbits that I had bought over the past year.

Going forward I'm going to mainly keep the rabbits I buy in larger indoor cages and on good weather days I will give them a run for a few hours.

I'm going to focus this year on breeding, I have two does left and I believe at least one is pregnant at the moment.

If anyone has New Zealand Whites or Californian or a mix of either then get in contact if you would like to sell or exchange.

There are so few of these breeds I can find in Ireland so it would be great if we could set up our own connections.




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