Self Sufficiency and growing flowers.

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Self Sufficiency and growing flowers.

Post by wayland on Sun Oct 29, 2017 8:48 am

I have never been one to grow flowers much. Not that I dont like to see a nice flower garden, I do but, this has always been Gloria`s domain. Which is just as well as I am seriously lacking the artistic gene. I remember HFW digging up the old established flower borders at River Cottage. Something I would have done also to make way for veg. Things changed this year! I planted up a large area of the paddock with flowers. Years ago this would have been a waste of valuable food producing space, but now my mind is set more intune with "Adding Value" to our produce. This area of flowers generated far more cash as cut flowers at the "Mart" than all the other produce put together Shocked . This goes along nicely with the self sufficiency concept enabling us to purchase animal feed that we cannot produce ourselves etc. It was also pleasing to the eye although the colours clashed. As Gloria says "Food feeds the body. Flowers feed the sole".

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