Drone flights.

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Drone flights. Empty Drone flights.

Post by cristy on Sat Jun 08, 2019 8:06 am

The original colony carries a large number of Drones. More than I am used to seeing. On sunny calm days these lads come out in force at intervals during the day. They make such a racket that at first I thought the colony were swarming, but not so. I am waiting for a mated queen to start laying so as there is no shortage of lads, I am hoping things will all go smoothly. I am wondering if these Drone flights are triggered by a virgin queen leaving on a mating flight. If so she should have succeeded by now I would have thought. The swarm hive seems less energetic. I checked through a couple of days ago but found no sign of eggs laid as yet but they were drawing out comb and had some stores so fingers crossed all is ok. I put in two frames of stores to give them a bit of a boost. Having lost many colonies in the past these times are a bit of a worry.


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Drone flights. Empty Re: Drone flights.

Post by Sean Ph'lib on Sat Jun 08, 2019 1:26 pm

Yep, my swarm is in the same state - at least it was when I checked last week. As to the drones - I think they will come out whenever the temperature is suitable, though they do get a bit excited when a virgin comes out. The trouble is: we have had very few opportunities for a queen to take a mating flight and, as you know, the window of opportunity is small. If she doesn't get mated within a month, she's probably doomed to be a drone layer.

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