A shocking report.

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A shocking report. Empty A shocking report.

Post by cristy on Thu Nov 22, 2018 9:32 am

Last week a report was published showing that since the 70s the number of species living in the world has dropped by a staggering 60% !!.
Apparently its our fault!. I know that extinction is not a new thing and has happened consistently throughout time immemorial but, for natural events it is all part of mother natures plans and keeps ballance. The current situation is not natural. Is advancement and greed so important and to be achieved at all costs? I fear it may well be unstoppable! If enough of us are prepared to do a bit for the environment we may be able to stop the decline on a local level. This was shown on last weeks "Country File" where a wealthy landowner has put a large piece of his land purley over to wildlife, and has shown an overall increase in wild life populations. This should be done on a national level with full involvement of the state. Is GDP so important Evil or Very Mad ?. Rant over


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A shocking report. Empty Re: A shocking report.

Post by Sean Ph'lib on Thu Nov 22, 2018 8:09 pm

I completely agree Cristy. People, by and large, have lost the plot. "Success" is now measured, not by your quality of life, but by how much money you earn. And the provision of "jobs", regardless of what kind of jobs, is the driving force behind the government. And it matters not if the providing of these "jobs" destroys the environment or breaks down the social fabric of the country. In my own case, by planting woods and hedges, digging ponds and allowing large patches of scrub and bushes to grow wild and untouched, I have quadrupled the number of species of wild flowers, insects, birds and mammals on my little holding over the last twenty years. And every year I try to do a little more. Three years ago, I planted a hundred Alder Buckthorns in an attempt to get a colony of Brimstone butterflies established; no sign of any yet, but maybe next year... Last year I sowed Bluebells all around one of the woods and Purple Loosestrife here, there and everywhere. This year, batboxes!

Sean Ph'lib

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